Bloody Geoff Bloody Geoff

Hooray for Geoff Gallop – the man who puts revenue cameras in the Northbridge Tunnel and applies ridiculous stamp duty taxes on WA Taxpayers just so he can forfeit it all to the federal government for failing to implement competition reforms in WA. In one fell swoop, Geoff manages to keep us all both backwards and poor!

WA’S Budget surplus will be slashed in half after the Federal Government yesterday hit the State with a $42 million penalty for failing to implement a string of competition reforms.

Ooh, I can’t wait to find out what naughty things he’s been doing, although I think I have a fair idea already.

The huge cut means the Gallop Government – which already faces budget pressures from wage claims worth up to $2 billion – will go to the polls with a vastly depleted election war chest.

Aww, I’m crying my fucking eyes out.

The anti-competitive policies targeted by Mr Costello relate to…


liquor licensing laws

I believe I may have touched on this already.

Sunday retail trading

Sounds familiar

the egg and potato marketing boards

Do egg and potato farmers still have to sell to a central body in WA or something? Are we still at war with Japan and somebody forgot to tell me? Are they afraid that rebel chook owners are going to start selling eggs cheaper than desired?!? Imagine the cholesterol, my god. Kids buying cheap potatoes to use as projectiles! Chaos in the streets!

and the taxi and fishing industries

Oh. I’m getting to the taxis. There’s so much Gallop idiocy to process my fingers can’t keep up.

Hey, at least our fucking curtains aren’t fading, because we don’t have daylight saving like you morons on the East coast! HAHA. WA WINS AGAIN.

Welcome to Perth – The Pyongyang of the Antipodes!

Sell that one to the tourism committee Geoff, get some of that $42 million back.

The Government was told in confidence about a month ago but a spokeswoman for Premier Geoff Gallop said yesterday there would be no cuts to Government spending.

Those multanovas aren’t cheap, you know.

The NCC yesterday said no review conducted to date has found any net community benefit to be achieved from trading hours restrictions.

Well that’s just patently untrue. The community benefits from being able to stay home and spend time with their kids instead of being dragged through shopping centres at 1am by the malevolent temptations of capitalism.

Also, let’s not forget that the more expensive taxis are, the harder it is for people to indulge in anti-social behaviour such as drinking, pre-marital sex or watching of moving pictures that contain rude bits.

The community simply will not be safe until a taxi to the airport costs more than the price of a plane ticket to Bali. If present trends continue, we plan to achieve that landmark by March 2004.

Bloody Geoff.

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