Let There Be Rights

Rush Limbaugh is the Right’s very own fat idiot. We must at all costs prevent him from ever coming into contact with Michael Moore or Phillip Adams: there might be a huge explosion. Chunks of fat idiot would coat the landscape for miles around.

This was Limbaugh back in June, talking about Lawrence & Garner vs Texas

Echoing Thomas’ so-called conservative perspective, Rush Limbaugh said on his radio program on June 27, 2003, “There is no right to privacy specifically enumerated in the Constitution.”

Well, there is that bit about unreasonable searches. And the bit about liberty, which I think extends to fucking whoever I want. It’s not OK for cops to bust into my bedroom on some thin pretext and then arrest me on the grounds of who they found in there with me. Still, he’s entitled to his opinion. I mean, as long as he’s consistent, right?

A Florida judge ruled today that prosecutors can unseal medical records of Rush Limbaugh in their pursuit of a criminal investigation of whether Mr. Limbaugh “doctor shopped” to obtain pain medication.

Mr. Limbaugh’s lawyers, led by Roy Black of Miami, had sought to keep the records sealed on the grounds that their seizure violated his constitutional right to privacy…

I like the way it ties into the earlier story about “Lock up the junkies” Limbaugh being a hillbilly heroin addict. He’s a walking definition of hypocrisy.

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