Pictorial History Of Dumbleyung

Cover1.jpgFrequent commentor “os” writes:

I have recently become aware that 3 farmers from Dumbleyung have produced a book of local history, from 1890’s to present day. About 3,000 photos. They ponied up $100,000 of their own dosh to produce it. Sells for about $90.

If I find where to get it, I’ll let you know. Perhaps you already do.

“os” seems to know more about Dumbleyung than I do, which leads me to believe he may be someone I know who’s keeping his identity a secret. Conspiracy theories aside, he’s absolutely right.

Three farmers from Dumbleyung have produced a huge, glossy coffee table-style book documenting the history of the area since settlement in the 1890’s. By some weird coincidence (which is why this os fella has me wondering), I have been asked to produce a website to market the book over the internet.

That website is still in production, so in the meantime I’ve got a few sample photographs to share. Some of these photos may or may not be subject to copyright, so please don’t steal them if you can help it.

In the meantime, if you are interested in Dumbleyung, or WA History in general, do yourself a favour and order one before they’re all gone. I doubt there’ll be a second run. E-mail Sue McDougall to order one. The cost is $90 plus postage, and it’s well worth it. There’s even a couple of photos of me in there, for all you stalkers.

Pub1.jpgThis is the famous Dumbleyung Tavern, constructed in the 1920s and still going strong today. The only real changes are that the pub is now in colour, and the horses and carts have been replaced by Holden utes with more than 1 horsepower. I spent Christmas Eve there just last week.

Western Power decided to make things interesting by blacking out the entire town from 8:30pm until midnight on Christmas Eve. Luckily for us, there was a lot of ice at the pub, and someone was smart enough to bring a guitar, so Christmas eve was spent singing Kenny Rogers songs by candlelight over a few icy cold stubbies.

Harvest1.jpg There’s a fair bit of this going on down at home at the moment, too. Lovers of vintage machinery will get a kick out of some of the older photos in the book, including one featuring the first shipment of the original Sunshine Harvesters to Dumbleyung. (Can you send me that one, Jenny?)

Dumbleyung Farmer’s Centre is apparently the largest dealer of Case/International machinery in the southern hemisphere. Not bad for a town without a bank.

Another thing I learned from the book: The Ward family patriarch, Thomas Wilfred (Fred) Ward, settled in the Dumbleyung area just after federation, after a long trip from a little place called Snowtown in South Australia. As Dad said, we got out just in time

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2 Comments on “Pictorial History Of Dumbleyung”

  1. Marie-Pierre Says:

    Yikes. Okay, I know this entry’s from a looong time ago, but it just brought back so many memories I had to comment. While backpacking in Australia 2 years ago, I happened to work as a barmaid at the dumbleyung tavern for about 2 months. I knew some of the Ward’s (But did I ever meet you? Sam Ward sounds familiar, I just can’t quite put a face on it.. I knew Jon Ward ? He took me to the Big Day Out in Perth)… Anyways, I haven’t really kept in touch with anyone there, but if you feel like it, I’d love to know what’s going on at the dumbleyung tavern these days.. 🙂 Take care,
    Marie (the french canadian..)

  2. Yobbo Says:

    Jon is my little brother.

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