Qantas hits back!

Just when you thought that everyone had agreed that Qantas sucked, a whole army of retards has rocked up on this blog to defend them. Please feel free to participate in the biggest shitfight this blog has ever seen.

I feel like Tim Blair without the long lunches or EXPENSIVE WINE!

Oh and a hint for you trolls: “You drink a lot and probably get drunk too” isn’t really something I find particularly insulting. You’re going to have to do better than that to get your dissent crushed. Come on, let’s be imaginative, people.

One final personal message to all the Qantas airborne waiters reading my blog: Get a dog up ya!

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One Comment on “Qantas hits back!”

  1. Mule Says:

    Anyone that likes qantas or qantaslink can fly with them. Good luck when it goes pair shaped, and it will. Customer care. Where???????

    Bring on Virgin Blue on up country routes.

    Rex airlines are also shit, a wheel fell off on take off at Orange yesterday. The sooner they go broke the better, before someone gets killed.

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