Anti-Fun Police Still Kicking

With the holiday season coming to an end, nanny-staters and fun haters all over Australia are tearing their hair out at the sight of people enjoying themselves.

The latest victims of their moralising are the soon-to-be unemployed “Beer Wenches” at the cricket. The wenches were first employed by “The Fanatics” last year and have caught on big-time around cricket grounds in Australia. But no more.

Police have been escorting the ladies out of the SCG on a regular basis. Unable to find anything illegal about wearing tight-fitting clothes and entertaining men, they have resorted to that old chestnut, the liquor control industry.

Yes, the ladies were in fact violating “responsible serving of alcohol” laws by supplying beer to cricket fans who may or may not have been a little tipsy already.

Back to Centrelink, girls.

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One Comment on “Anti-Fun Police Still Kicking”

  1. Mule Says:

    Political correctness is the refuge of the scoundrel.

    Beer wenches should be made compulsory.

    4 middies (that’s pots outside the communist dictatorship of NSW) and you’re a binge drinker? Poor fellow my country.

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