These People Are Crazier Than I Thought

So, I was browsing the web today, as I often do, and decided to check out the anti-bush video contest over at What the hell… Some of those videos are probably pretty funny. I might have even made one myself if I knew the first thing about editing videos.

I browsed over to the winners’ page and tried to take a look at the champion video. That’s when things started getting weird. These people are so indoctrinated, they tried to get me to download QUICKTIME to watch them! Quicktime, people!

Now, as a person who browses a fair amount of porn, I’m used to the odd spyware program or dialer downloading itself onto my computer. These programs are annoying, but not so hard to get rid of. You also need to have about 5 of them running simultaneously to notice any kind of drop in performance.

Not with Quicktime, though! Not only does Apple’s cheery little program install itself as a browser component, it also decides it’s so important to launch at startup and run in the background. Superb. Even porn merchants won’t use it.

The level of crazy required to even consider using Apple products is reason enough to be frightened of these far-left loonies. Stare straight ahead and walk briskly, yet calmly.

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