No Drinks For You!

Contrary to what Angela will tell you, I’m not really the worst airline passenger in history. Take this guy, for example:

“This flash of light went up behind me, so I swung around to see what had happened and there was this guy leaning out into the aisle with a mobile phone in his hand,” Kazumi Yokohama, a flight attendant who served the Narita-Guam route during the vacation season, tells Shukan Taishu.

“I asked him to switch his phone off. Then, without showing the slightest sign of guilt, he turned to me and said, with a huge grin on his face, ‘Hey, stewardess. They’re some pretty flash undies you’ve got on.’

That light I had seen was the flash from the camera in his phone. I told some of the other girls later about what had happened, and the same guy had snapped shots of three of them, too.”

And he’s one of the more polite ones…

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