Sadness My Ass

I’m not sad. I’m fucking pissed off. You want sad, go read Tim Blair’s eulogy. All you’re going to get here is frothing at the mouth and vilification. I’m too angry to be capable of anything else at this point in time.

I hope the fucking piece of shit that murdered David Hookes dies. Whether it’s in prison or Oswald-style pre-trial shooting, I don’t care.

You came to our country, did fuck all with your life, then killed a bloke who made something of himself, just so you could look tough in front of your mates.

Fuck off and die.

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One Comment on “Sadness My Ass”

  1. Mule Says:

    Bouncers are brainless thugs. Fat dumb pigs, but will let underage girls in for a quick head job. The quicker the courts lock them up and shut down pubs that wont control them the better. Sue their arses.

    The gutless wonders sweat on the fact they are dealing with people who are pissed, therefore they don’t make good witnesses in court. Many are petty criminals, drug dealers etc themselves.

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