My Dad’s Bigger Than Your Dad!

What is about a debate on schools that lowers the debate to playground levels?

First up, Rob Corr uses the “Liar, Liar, pants on fire!” defence to rebut my experience of learning in a public school.

What an utter load of bollocks. You haven’t given one real example there — just figments of your hyperactive imagination.

On the same topic, “zoot” uses the “Nobody likes you!” argument to counter Tim Blair’s definition of “wedge politics“:

“Wedge politics” is just an avoidance phrase rolled out by stupid lefties whenever they don’t want to argue the issue.

If Howard is wrong, argue how so. I thought the left supported freedom of speech; don’t hide behind this bullshit “wedge politics” line that aims to kill debate because you’d prefer that the matter under discussion shouldn’t be addressed.

Capital punishment? WEDGE POLITICS! No debate allowed! Illegal immigrants? WEDGE POLITICS! Silence please. PC government schools? WEDGE POLITICS! Everybody shut up!

For the benefit of future readers, Tim, perhaps you should list all the issues you believe to be wedgish so we know never to mention them, ever. We’ll all just be real quiet and docile. Just like you’d love.


Oh that Tim Blair, what a wag! He’s “only joking” again.

Hey, Lefties! I know you are, but what am I?

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