Need More Money For Subverting Cultural Paradigms

The CEO of the Sydney Theatre Company has blasted John Howard in a savage attack on his Arts credentials. The Liberal bigwigs are probably in session right now, trying to figure out how to deal with the devastating downturn in support likely to result.

The chief executive of the Sydney Theatre Company asked: “Why is it appropriate for these athletes to perform as elites, and for the nation to celebrate them, led by our genuinely enthusiastic Prime Minister, if it is not similarly appropriate that our artists perform as elites, be seriously celebrated and funded, so that we might produce artists of the same level of excellence?”

Well Robyn, I just don’t know. Could it possibly be that PEOPLE LIKE WATCHING ATHLETES, you fatuous moron? Maybe the fact that the Sport pages are threatening to take over my local paper entirely, while Arts gets a half-page spread by some washed-up poofter every Monday, might alert you to the fact that nobody cares about your tedious drivel.

Ms Nevin, an actress for 42 years, a director for 20 and a producer for seven, said she often told taxi drivers she was a housewife. She said: “I need to believe I am useful to the community, or the 42 years doing it will be hard to justify to myself.”

Yeah, it’d be terrible to think you’ve simply sucked money out of taxpayers and done nothing of substance for 42 years. Quick, pop a Valium and do some breathing exercises before that thought takes hold.

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