Tuckey Update

It’s been far too long since Wilson Tuckey got a mention here. While Paris Hilton stalks me in my comment boxes, the guys over at Blair’s are providing more material for the Tuckey fan club scrapbook:

OT when Wilson Tuckey was Federal Minister for Forests a few years back he received a number of letters and pictures from a primary school class regarding timber harvesting, specifically the evils of killing trees and if you cut trees all the animals will all die and have nowhere to live(!?), complete with pictures of cut trees, dead animals evil loggers with oversized chainsaws ? you get the drill.

Not to leave a wrong un-righted the Minister took the time to visit the class in question and dispel some of the greenie myths and inform them of some salient facts regarding forest management, fire hazard reduction, etc. From what I?m told the session degenerated into a bit of a heated argument between the teacher and the Minister in front of the class, the Minister confronted the teacher by refuting the claim that ?all the little birdies die when you cut a tree down? where the teacher vehemently denied that she told her young class this, a child up the back piped up ? ?yes you did Miss??

The man is a national living treasure.

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