Beer Un-Australian: Cops

Jonas at 85 George Street rightly takes a shot at the WA Police force for their pathetic attempt at “zero tolerance” on Australia day:

But what I think is a true blue fair dinkum example of being unAustralian is the cops and Government ganging up on people who just want to enjoy Australia Day and the Skyshow fireworks with a few cold cans in the park.

The West Orstrayan reports the WA Police enforced a zero tolerance policy on drinking in public on the Perth foreshore on Australia Day. Apparently, they promised a ?total alcohol ban?.

That?s ridiculous. First, we need to look at laws and the way they are enforced if 95% of people at the Skyshow were drinking (or wouldn?t have minded a drink, but were scared off by the police talking tough).

The cops and papers always get their knickers in a twist over the “alcohol-fuelled violence” that occurs whenever large groups of people pile into a restricted space and get on the piss. This line of thinking completely ignores the 99% of people who drink similar amounts yet do not engage in any violence.

As a result of the “riots” on the foreshore this year, police are calling for increased powers of search and the ability to confiscate alcohol from citizens even if it is still unopened in the package.

I have a proposition for the WA Police: Instead of asking for new laws, how about first trying enforcing the existing fucking laws and seeing how that goes first?

If people get violent, then maybe you should…. I don’t know, arrest them for assault, and charge them. As an additional experiment, we could actually try punishing them in the courts instead of giving them a slap on the wrist and passing some more anti-alcohol legislation.

The farce is only set to continue next year, with police demanding that all drinking be confined to roped off “licensed areas” to solve the problem. Great idea. Jack the price up a bit, pack people even closer together, and add some speed-addled bouncers. No recipe for violence there!

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