Latham Lacks Lefty Love

I am unable to generate much hate for Mark Latham. He’s everything you want in a politician: Loud, Arrogant, and a master wordsmith. “A conga line of suckholes” is possibly the best slur uttered in parliament since the Keating days, and maybe even longer. He also has some affection for the free market. He’s not all bad.

Despite my embarassing confession, I still find it hard to understand why some fellow libertarians see Latham’s Labor as some kind of grand new cause to jump in behind. After all, for all his good points, Latham is still the leader of the Labor Party, and with that comes the demands of hundreds of frothing at the mouth leftists who’d like nothing better than to turn Australia into France.

MARK Latham faces his biggest leadership challenge today as he fights a frontbench revolt over refugee policy that threatens to split the ALP national conference in an election year.

The party’s Left faction, which commands around 40 per cent of the 397 conference votes, last night endorsed a radical overhaul of refugee policy. The bitter split threatens to overshadow Mr Latham’s health and education focus in his speech to the ALP conference, which is expected to include a multi-million-dollar dental health scheme for low-income earners and an overhaul of private school funding.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese moved the motion in the Left caucus meeting to endorse Labor for Refugee’s policy position, to release asylum seekers from detention, abolish Temporary Protection Visas for refugees and restore Christmas Island to Australia’s migration zone.

With his hard-as-nails image, filthy mouth, and occasional dalliance with the old ultra-violent, Mark Latham reminds me of another fantastic politician who we all know and love. Wilson, unfortunately, is getting old, and is no longer physically able to pursue hippie fucktards through the forest in Manjimup with baseball bats. The Liberal party is where Latham’s youthful enthusiasm belongs. Come over to the dark side!

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