Nazi Hunters Of The World: UNITE!

Lefty bloggers, as we all know, are the keepers of everything that is right and good in the world. Which is why we should all be grateful that the brilliant minds of Rob Corr and James Russell have banded together to out John Ray as a Nazi:

Ray is not exactly ignorant of the ways of Nazism. During the 1960s Ray was a member of various Australian Nazi parties.


What these intrepid wankers fail to mention, of course, is that John Ray is (was) a sociologist. Whether they are deliberately being morons or just incapable of using google is a decision I will leave up to the reader. Let’s just say that it took me exactly 5.8 seconds to put a key search term into google to find John’s own account of his time as a “Nazi”.

The horrible truth? Ray joined the Nazi organisation as part of a study of anti-semitism. His findings were posted in “The Bridge”. An “Australian Jewish periodical primarily devoted to cultural matters and current affairs.”

Who knows though, eh? Maybe that particular journal routinely pays real, live Nazis to write stuff for them.

John’s other crimes are apparently to write about his studies of racism and sociology without bleeping out the naughty words. Even the very mention of racism is enough to get you branded with the racist tag by your ever-vigilant lefty watchdogs these days.

I also like Rob’s reference to John Ray as the “Australian blogosphere’s nuttiest member”. This coming from the guy who wrote a university essay asserting that the Black Panthers were “inevitable, necessary and desirable extension of the non-violent civil rights movement”.

What to do with “Revolting” Robbie Corr? Like James Russell says in his poorly researched slander of John Ray:

Never had a high opinion of the bloke, have an even lower one now.

Update: More on John Ray and the Nazis.

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