Nazis Up The Wazoo

Welcome to Perth, home of the Australian Nationalist Movement:

September 2002:
Anti-Asian arsonist to be released

Van Tonegren was sentenced to 18 years in prison after a series of arson attacks on Asian restaurants, but he’s only served 12 years, as he’s entitled to a one-third deduction under Western Australia’s sentencing laws.

January 2003:
Neo-Nazi to stand for Aussie parliament

Australia’s most notorious white supremacist, jailed for a violent anti-Asian campaign in the late 1980s, has announced plans to stand for the federal parliament, it was reported here Wednesday.

Unrepentant neo-Nazi Jack van Tongeren, who sports a moustache in the style of his hero Adolf Hitler, said he believed running a political campaign was an effective way to get his message across.

Obviously it wasn’t effective enough, because look what’s being going on in sunny Perth this month…

January 2004
Jack’s Back

as you may have seen Jack Van Tongeren and his racist mob the AMN have been posting up stickers all over town, has already been folks out there taking down and covering up their stuff, but these fuckers are vilgilant, going out every couple of days putting up new stuff.

February 2004
Chinese restaurants firebombed in Perth

Nazi swastikas have been plastered across three Chinese restaurants which were firebombed in Perth overnight.

The firebombings of the three Chinese restaurants happened in the space of one hour and all occurred in Perth’s southern suburbs.

In the late 1980s, the neo-Nazi group, the Australian Nationalists Movement, was responsible for firebombing a number of Chinese restaurants in Perth and vilifying the Asian community.

Police Commissioner Barry Matthews says he is reluctant to link the firebombings to similar attacks in the late 1980s.


See below for more Nazi news!

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