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Got Myself A Blog

February 5, 2004

Everyone’s into blogging these days. Fuggedaboudit.

My NYC Capo is now acting streetboss. We have many things to hash over. We have stolen NFL jerseys, we have cigarette’s and knock off bags. The old standards are Gambling, Loansharking and Drugs. The drug of choice and the money maker here is pot, mid grade, little lumber and no seeds. They make bags of cash. This fuels all their other endeavors.

Via a friend of mine.

Greenpeace Kills, Blinds

February 5, 2004

>From Aaron Oakley comes this link to an essay by Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore. Moore details the effects of allowing anti-humanist luddites to have too much input into the GM debate:

The case of “Golden Rice” provides a clear illustration of this. Hundreds of millions of people in Asia and Africa suffer from Vitamin A deficiency. Among them, half a million children lose their eyesight each year, and millions more suffer from lesser symptoms. Golden Rice has the potential to greatly reduce the suffering, because it contains the gene that makes daffodils yellow, infusing the rice with beta-carotene, the precursor to Vitamin A. Ingo Potrykus, the Swiss co-inventor of Golden Rice, has said that a commercial variety is now available for planting, but that it will be at least five years before Golden Rice will be able to work its way through the byzantine regulatory system that has been set up as a result of the activists’ campaign of misinformation and speculation. So the risk of not allowing farmers in Africa and Asia to grow Golden Rice is that another 2.5 million children will probably go blind.

You can add those 2.5 million to the millions who have died as a result of the DDT ban.

At least they still have their traditional culture though, right?