Artist Has Left Wing Views

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend! Oh.

A PAINTING lampooning John Howard’s friendship with George W. Bush has caused a political stink. Aboriginal artist Gordon Hookey’s Sacred nation, sacred nation, indoctrination, on display at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square, is offensive and inappropriate, its critics say.

Running along the bottom of the work is the line: “John Howard and Australia is so far up George Dubbah Yah Bush and the U.S.A.’s a*** that we’re in the s*** We’re kept in the dark and it stinks.”

The three-piece work fills almost half of one wall at the National Gallery of Victoria’s indigenous section. The vibrant colours belie a dark commentary on global politics, with satires of popular culture and Australia depicted as the 51st state of the US.

How utterly original. I bet there’s scores of year 10 students who couldn’t have come up with that sort of “dark commentary”.

This guy says all that’s really needed to be said:

Australian-American Association executive director Tony McAdam said examining the “naive” artwork against Hookey’s background was interesting.

“He no doubt sees himself as a hapless victim of white racism and anglo-saxon and Yankee fascism. But he has had something of a dream run for someone who clearly feels so oppressed: two university degrees in the arts, many one-man exhibitions at leading galleries, top prizes and, we must not forget, a lovely (Queensland) Government grant ? almost all courtesy of that nasty bunch of white Australian taxpayers who he describes as `just like,animals’.


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