Illogical Arugment Of The Day

Chief Bastard, like many social conservatives, forgets the lessons of history in his anti-drug rant.

Just like a strong border protection stance has virtually eliminated boats turning up full of people, a similar stance against drug dealers would remove the incentive to sell drugs.

Boats full of people turn up here because people pay smugglers to take them in their boats. They used to pay them to do this in the belief that they could get residency in Australia.

That is to say: There is a demand for a people smuggling service. This is supplied by people smugglers in return for money.

So what was our response? Did we go to Indonesia and start sinking boats in order to defeat supply? (SHUT UP MARGO) Or, did we take away the illegal immigrants’ reason for coming? (In other words, reducing demand).

Drug dealers, on the other hand, sell drugs in order to get money. No matter how many drug suppliers you get rid of, the demand is still there, and the money is still there.

We defeated people smuggling by defeating the demand for people smuggling. How do you defeat the demand for drugs? I don’t know. What is clear though, is that attacking supply does not work. We’ve been trying that for nearly 100 years, and drug use just keeps on increasing.

If Australia treated the “drugs problem” like a lot of SE Asian nations do, ie kill drug dealers, what do you think would happen to our re-offender statistics, hmm?

And we all know how effective the laws in Thailand, Laos and Burma are at stamping out the drug trade….. It’s virtually impossible to get drugs in Thailand!

Drugs kill people.

So do cars, guns, knives, fatty foods, cigarettes, large blocks of wood, houses, farming equipment, electrical appliances, dogs….Need I go on?

If you kill people by selling drugs to them, then we, the community, want you dead.

So let’s start with Carlton & United Breweries, British American Tobacco, and Amcal Chemists.

Oh, those weren’t the drugs you meant?

But those drugs kill people too, right?

If you were consistent, we should really kill everyone associated with the production or sale of *all* drugs, not just the illegal ones. So, come on, Chief Bastard: Get out there and call for the banning of *all* drugs. They are all pretty dangerous.

Just to save me posting it later, here’s some information on deaths arising from the usage of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs.

I once again point all readers to the Cato Institute’s article on drug legalization.

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