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This Little Piggy Went To Superbowl

February 9, 2004

I do not support this picture in any way, but the subsequent discussion on trademark and copyright law is too interesting to pass up…

Instant Comedy

February 9, 2004

Watching the ODI final yesterday, the most interesting development in cricket lately has been off the field. Spectators who fancy themselves as comedians, who were once happy to do up a banner before the game, are now taking along their cue cards and marker pens in order to provide some real-time commentary.

Channel 9 finally clued into this last night, and we were treated to a forlorn Indian fan holding up a plea of “Rain: Please save us” when they looked like losing by 300 runs. Even better was the scamp who dared to ask that which everyone was thinking: “What’s the 8:30 Movie?”.

The channel 9 commentary team got a great chuckle out of that one, but I’m not entirely sure that he wasn’t having a subtle dig at them.

Play Your Tupac MP3s In Style

February 9, 2004

Australia’s Free Trade deal with the US has been finalised. Analyses by Tim Blair and Steve Edwards. Me? I’m concerned with more important stuff….like this!

A BRITISH-based company is selling MP3 players which can be attached to an assault rifle.

The “AK-MP3” player is built into magazine of a Kalashnikov and can be swapped with the real thing.

The device is being advertised on the internet by a Buckinghamshire-based company set up by a group of Russian businessmen who sell audio books.

It comes with enough storage space to hold 3000 audio books or 9000 songs.

Former Russian rock star Andrey Koltakov, a partner in the dotcom company offering the AK-MP3 for sale, said: “This is our bit for world peace – hopefully, from now on many militants and terrorists will use their AK-47s to listen to music and audio books.”

Is this the 21st century equivalent of the flower in the gun barrel? Or just something to while away the hours while waiting for infidels to wander into range? Only time will tell.