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Far Out Man!

February 12, 2004

This is what your student guild money pays for:

MURDOCH University students stole alcohol and vandalised expensive furniture after staff allowed them to protest in the university’s senate building last year.

Murdoch was been left with an $11,000 bill by the students, who initially took over the building after a senate meeting in October to protest against the university’s proposal to accept full-fee paying students.[…]

Student guild president Malcolm Bradley, who is in his 12th year of study at Murdoch, said the protest had not been organised by the guild although he conceded students associated with it were involved in the protest.

Mr Bradley said he had been one of the regular protesters. But he said there had been no discussions with the university about the costs of the protest and $11,000 seemed preposterously high.

I’m sure the guild can afford it. 12,000 students being extorted for $50 a semester each means they can afford to pay for it when their members get a little too feral.

Murdoch spokesman Nathan Giles said there had been informal discussions with the student guild about the damage but the university had decided not to invoice the guild for the costs.

On the other hand, you taxpayers can also afford it. After all, you’re investing in Australia’s future!

Late Night Langer

February 12, 2004

Late night TV does it again. Today’s highlight: Justin Langer on late-night evangelical program “Priority One” talking about how loving Jesus helps him bat. Why don’t you ask him for a spot in the one day side?