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Niall’s New Plan

February 22, 2004

Niall’s “block everyone from reading my blog” plan has, not surprisingly, backfired. The whole point of being an attention seeking idiot is that you let people actually give you some attention. They can’t do that if your site is password protected. So, his new plan is even more cunning:

Full access to this blog requires a one-time-only registration as a reader. This does not require your email address or any other protocol which might open you to spambots. Once on my ‘user list’ your access becomes seamless. If this is inconvenient, I apologise, however, blame the idiots of the Australian blogging community for this resort, not me.

Perfect! Niall is now protected from the “idiots”. (i.e. Myself, Gravett, Murph, Habib, Corr, Blair, Parish, anyone who’s ever criticised him for anything etc) However, he can still continue to get those multitudes of readers interested by viewing the title and first sentence of each post! And, as we all know, Niall’s work is both compelling AND thought provoking. His work runs the full gamut from “John Howard and right wingers are idiots” to “I hate slanty-eyed fucks”.

If I was him, I’d make each user pay a $25 a month registration fee. Why give that sort of quality away?