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A short discussion has led to an in principle agreement on the 5 best PC games of all time, as decided by myself and a few other ratbags. If you are stuck for something to do one day, you wouldnt be far wrong to get onto Kazaa and download one of these. You know, just for backup purposes.

1. Sid Meier’s Civilization (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

THE greatest game of all time, without a doubt. It only got better with every new version. If you haven’t played Civ before, don’t start now. It will possibly ruin your life.

2. X-Wing

It came out around 1992, and the only thing that surpasses it to this day are the updated versions (Specifically “X-Wing vs Tie Fighter”, which is still one of the most played online games). You get to blow up the deathstar at the end.

3. Dune 2: Battle for Arrakis

The first real-time strategy game, about 5 years ahead of its time. I never read or was at all interested in the Frank Herbert series, but this game was too engrossing and atmospheric to ignore. It spawned 1000 imitations, many of which (like Warcraft and Command and Conquer) sit at the top of most game countdowns. The entire game is only about 5 MB. I suggest you download it and try it yourself.

4. Heroes of Might and Magic. (parts 2 and 3)

I’m not sure what it is about this game that makes it so addictive. Possibly it’s the gambling aspect. The rush you get when a horde of halflings decides to join your party is like injecting something straight into your eyeball.

5. Doom (1 and 2)

You get to cut dudes to bits with a chainsaw. Enough said.

All decisions are final and anyone disagreeing with me will be summarily ignored.

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