Qantas Arseholes Nick Tickets And Seats

Qantas was recently voted best airline of the year.

Air Transport World selected the airline, praising its focus on excellence in the air and its higher profit margins despite industry instability caused by world events such as the SARS outbreak and September 11.

It’s amazing what being a federally protected monopoly and skimping on basic standards of service will do for your bottom line, eh? A more likely explanation for the good result is that the award was voted by Qantas employees, who have a great little scam going…

Crikey reports that the rorting is reaching the point where staff are making fake bookings in order to reserve seats for themselves on flights:

It seems like the staff at Qantas are expressing their unhappiness through misuse of staff travel. Check out this memo that went out to staff on Monday afternoon:

Message – Breaches of Staff Travel Policy

Due to several recent incidents, I would like to remind all employees that the following practices are serious breaches of Staff Travel Policy:

1. Creation of ‘phantom’ commercial bookings to “protect” (ie block from sale) seats for staff travel use.

2. Manipulation of the staff travel onload/upgrade priority in the reservations or departure control systems.

3. Travel by a beneficiary who is no longer eligible for staff travel but holds a ticket issued before eligibility status was removed.

4. Adding, as a travel beneficiary, a person who has been dismissed from Qantas, or is currently suspended from the use of Staff Travel.

Perhaps resident Qantas shill “Mike” can let us all know how things are going down there and how it’s really just all a big media beat up. And that Qantas is the best airline in the world and anyone who says otherwise is just a whinger.

*Thanks to reader Daniel for the tip off on the Qantas award.

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4 Comments on “Qantas Arseholes Nick Tickets And Seats”

  1. johnno Says:

    ive got the shits with qantas and went on the internet investigating and i cant believe some of the horror stories im seeing they must be the worlds worst airline I know they have a great safety record but im beginning to think that thats because they fear so much for their own arses that they take the extra care that they should be passing on to their long suffering customers keep the faith brothers against the eveil empire

  2. james Says:

    Try travelling in the US. The airline industry there is highly competitive yet the tickets are much more expensive then qantas and the service is far worse than qantas. Try waiting in queues that move slower than a snail, only to squeeze into an ancient aircraft that is run down and dirty and be bossed around by angry cabin crews, until you do that, dont whinge about Qantas!

  3. Yobbo Says:

    Try travelling in the US. The airline industry there is highly competitive yet the tickets are much more expensive then qantas and the service is far worse than qantas.

    If you knew how ridiculously false that was, you would be laughing as hard as I am right now.

    Qantas is the most expensive airline in the world.

  4. texas traveller Says:

    I regularly fly on major US airlines and I agree with James, the US system is worse the flights are very crowded, service very average and aircraft rundown and flight costs are not cheaper despite the major advantages of a huge flying population and greater competition. Greater competition only squeezes profit margins and short cuts are made in all areas. Lean and mean is not necessarily better. I will fly Qantas any day despite low staff morale in the airline because of cost cutting that is a problem world wide in the Airline industry.

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