Wat doen jy?

Welcome to Perth, or as we like to call it, New Johannesberg:

POLICE are urging motorists to lock their car doors as routinely as they fasten their seatbelts in a bid to ensure they are not victims of violent carjackings.

Acting Insp. Mike Gough said yesterday that motorists should also be aware of their surroundings and people who appeared to be stranded, amid growing fears that Johannesburg-style carjackings could be increasing in Perth.[…]

In the latest carjacking, the son of a Koondoola newsagent shot three times last month during an armed robbery was held at knifepoint on Monday before thieves stole $9000 from him.

About three weeks earlier, members of an African street gang armed with guns and knives were behind a carjacking spree during which a female driver of one car was abducted, a male driver of another car bashed, and several cars rammed.

Does this count as multiculturalism?

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One Comment on “Wat doen jy?”

  1. jasmin Says:

    that whole family is corrupt

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