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KFC Loses Plot

March 2, 2004

As if only selling Pepsi products wasn’t bad enough, 4 KFC Outlets in Melbourne have now gone absolutely bonkers:

FOUR KFC restaurants have taken bacon off the menu in favour of Muslim-friendly products.

The Endeavour Hills, Fawkner, Keilor Downs and Flemington KFC outlets have all dumped bacon from fillet burgers. At Endeavour Hills, “sold-out” stickers have been placed over bacon products on its drive-through menu.

Customers are offered alternatives such as cheese or pineapple.

I fail to see how cheese or pineapple are alternatives to bacon.

If KFC thinks this will do anything other than piss off 98% of their customers, they are even stupider than first thought.

KFC are officially added to the Yobbo boycott list right alongside Qantas, until such time as they publically apologise for being such gigantic retards.

Thanks to Steve for the link.

Update: Fast food corporations in general are losing the plot left, right and centre.

Qantas Update

March 2, 2004

Please Explain, Mike!

TASMANIAN passengers last night told of their terror aboard a Hobart bound Qantas flight which was forced to return to Melbourne yesterday because of an airconditioning problem.

Three Incat employees, who were returning with two colleagues to Hobart after working in Spain, were upset that the 115 passengers were give few details of the malfunction.

They said the plane “dropped like a stone and leaned over” before turning around. […]

Electrical technician Ian Bennett, of Huonville, said he was not as worried as his colleagues but knew something was amiss because of the reaction of the cabin crew.

“The most disturbing thing was that for about 15 minutes they didn’t tell us what was happening,” Mr Bennett said.

“It was a bit off-putting and didn’t look that flash for a while.”

The Incat workers were also disappointed that Qantas offered passengers $6 vouchers to compensate for the inconvenience.

Not redeemable after 5 drinks…