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Watcha Gonna Do?

March 6, 2004

I really don’t understand cops. One day, 100 drunken idiots throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at them, and they just stand there and try to “contain the situation”. Two weeks later, 100 odd idiots turn out to fight each other, and they simply must get involved.

AN enormous – and potentially fatal – brawl between armed gangs was broken up at the 11th hour by police last night.

About 60 Serbian youths and the same number of Lebanese gathered for a pre-arranged fight at the Westfield shopping mall in Liverpool – the latest salvo in an ongoing conflict.

Witnesses said both sides had weapons. Police say tension had been brewing since last Saturday night, when smaller groups clashed in Collimore Park.

Several officers were caught in the middle of that melee and were struck with iron bars.

Wouldn’t it make their job a lot easier if they just let them beat the shit out of each other for an hour or two first?