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What, No Lashes?

March 9, 2004

Our friendly neighbours to the North just got friendlier:

Couples caught kissing passionately in public in Indonesia could spend five years in jail.

Members of parliament in the world’s most populous Muslim country have proposed an anti-pornography bill that includes a ban on kissing on the mouth in public.

“I think there must be some restrictions on such acts because it is against our traditions of decency,” said Aisyah Hamid Baidlowi, head of a parliamentary committee drafting the bill.

Heavy kissing could carry a maximum penalty of five years in jail or a $29,000 fine. Anyone caught flashing would face similar penalties.

The bill also proposes bans on public nudity, erotic dances and sex parties, with jail terms ranging from three to 10 years. Watching such shows could lead to two years behind bars.

Does this apply to drunk backpackers in Bali? Once upon a time, you could drink 10 bintangs and pash some ugly German bird at the Sari Club and the worst that would happen is that your mates would give you shit about it. Now you could end up in the clink. I’m sure the tourist industry will love this one.