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Boring US States Turn 200

March 10, 2004

200 years ago today, The United States formally took posession of the land bought from Napoleon in the “Louisiana Purchase“. The cost of the land worked out to less than 3 cents per acre. Good negotiators, those Yanks.

Rock Star Will Hung

March 10, 2004

For any of you who are wondering what happened to American Idol contestant William Hung, well he’s now the most popular male asian celebrity since Bruce Lee, and the proud recipient of a new recording contract:

The singer, who became a fan favorite ? but not a judges’ favorite ? during open auditions for the Fox series with his spirited version of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs,” has signed a deal with Fuse Music Network and Koch Records.

His debut album, tentatively titled “The True Idol,” is scheduled for release April 6, it was announced Monday. It will contain “She Bangs,” along with another Martin hit, “Shake Your Bon Bon,” and a cover of Elton John “Rocket Man,” which Hung sang recently on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

He even has his own website.

Conclusive proof that reality TV is melting your brain.