Save Our Sunset!

As a resident of Scarborough, I’ve been watching with great mirth as the resident NIMBYists get all their knickers in a twist about the concept of further redevelopment at the beachfront.

Scarborough, as I’ve mentioned before, is WA’s premier beach and a destination for a great many tourists. Rendezvous’ Observation City hotel is the only high rise building in the suburb, and the block it is situated on is the centre of nightlife in the area.

Numerous companies have put forward proposals for more hotels and apartment blocks on the foreshore. Obviously the residents are up in arms, but not for the reasons you’d expect. It’s not the threat of environmental degradation or unregulated capitalism that’s got them upset. Rather, they’re worried about losing their ocean views.

I received a pamphlet in the mail last week from the “Save Our Sunset Coastal Action Group” encouraging us all to do the right thing and oppose the development. Scarborough, they say, could end up like the next Gold Coast!!11!

The next Gold Coast, eh? Gee, wouldn’t that be awful? Everyone’s houses would double in price, there’d be lots of stuff to do at night, and the place would be filled with Japanese office ladies on their yearly holidays.

Sounds absolutely shithouse!

And by that, I mean I hope they build so many skyscrapers I can’t even see the sun.

SOSCAG can’t seem to understand that most people in Scarborough don’t HAVE ocean views anyway. There’s a bloody great hill right next to the beach that nobody can see over. You’re talking about 2 streets worth of homeowners that might actually have something to lose from redevelopment. Most of those places will probably increase in price anyway. Somehow, I doubt their protest will amount to much.

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One Comment on “Save Our Sunset!”

  1. marmalade Says:

    Yobbo says it all… How do you know that the great part of Scarborough residents opposed to what the developpers really want, are also concerned with “environmental degradation” and “unregulated capitalism” ?

    Observation City is an prime example of capitalism getting its way with Planning Policies in the 80’s, for an ultimately bankrupt, corrupt capitalist to built an ugly eyesore that doesnt even fill its hotel rooms. We have our Minister for DPI regulating 8 storeys, yet Stirling Council lets the developers sneak in 10 storeys, by “pushing the envelope”, oh yes, and donating stacks of “cash-in-lieu of parking”.

    Some of us are unconcerned with loss of views or rising prices of our little piece of beach-side real estate. What we fear, is a greater density of beer-bottle throwers doing wheelies in our streets on the way to another late-night party…mmmm, sounds just like yobbos.

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