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All Positions Filled

March 20, 2004

I’m probably gonna cop all sorts of flack from this, but I’m drunk so who cares eh?

Here’s the supposedly true story from a source I cannot verify in any way. Protagonists are some AFL football players and some girls. Via the email rumour mill. Names edited, but you know who it’s about, right?

Got the full story this morning lads….

Girl 1 (who has been with L before) texts him 8 times on sunday night to
meet. Girl 1 said she had a friend with her, so they drove to met L
at the pub and teamed girl 2 up with S. The girls then drove the
2 boys back to L’s place, went straight to separate bedrooms and had a

After that, all ended up in one bedroom and decided to swap, so then L
and girl 2 went to his bedroom and had a root. Girl 1 did not want to
have a root with S as he had no condoms, but gave him a head job

Girl 1 then went to girl 2 and demanded that they leave. The
girls had a big blue which carried on out into the driveway, at which
time “K” was coming home with girl 3. They saw the girls arguing.

The next morning girl 1 text L to say sorry she acted like a slut.
The rest is history – the police have L’s mobile with all text messages
still on it.

Let the deletion begin!