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Tomacco Still 2 Years Off

March 23, 2004

We like our plants in WA. Posession and cultivation of marijuana has been decriminalised as of yesterday:

FROM today, possession of small amounts of cannabis might not be considered a crime in WA.

At a police officer’s discretion, a person can have up to 30g and still avoid a criminal record, instead paying a fine up to $150 and going to compulsory drug education classes.

Might not?

And a household will be allowed to grow two cannabis plants without the occupants facing criminal charges. They will be fined $200 and have to go to drug education classes.

Ching Ching!

In other horticulture news, Gallop has knocked GM trials on the head until 2006. I guess not all plants are harmless:

THE West Australian Government yesterday bowed to opponents of genetically modified agriculture, officially declaring no genetically modified food crops would be grown anywhere in the State until at least 2006.

You can still grow non-food crops though, right? There’s an issue that could tear the Greens apart at the seams. Get the drug legalisation lobby behind GM Marijuana.


They could splice some pineapple genes into it or something. Buds the size of pineapples. FILTH! Coconut genes? Tie your hammock between your 2 dope palms and relax rasta-style while drinking bong juice straight from the nut. Cruisy maaaate.

The Liberals could even get on the act here. All you need to is splice some dope genes into a Karri and start planting them all around Pemberton. Before you know it, there’d be armies of ferals at parliament house demanding they be harvested.