Australia Under Attack – Worthless Credentials Needed

ASIO is on the recruitment trail. Just the perfect opportunity for a young RWDB who’s allergy to grass prevented him from joining the RAAF. Or so you’d think

Given the challenging and complex nature of our work, we are looking for people with sound judgement, who excel at both critical thinking and communication.

More specifically, you would have:

  • The ability to talk with, and listen to, people from all cultures and walks of life.
  • Conceptual skills which allow you to discern the big picture.
  • Critical thinking and research skills, which enable you to accurately fill the gaps.
  • The ability to write reports which are clear, concise, comprehensive and tailored to your readers.

You should also be confident, versatile, mentally resilient and prepared to undergo extensive background checks, as well as security and psychological assessments.

Sounds right up my alley. Just one more thing though:

Other than the general profile above, you will need:

A four-year degree (or the equivalent) – in any discipline.

Credentialism at it’s finest. I’m not eligible to apply, but a recent graduate of any discipline – which presumably includes women’s studies or surfing science – is.

You don’t need a degree to be an intelligence officer in the ADF. Why do you need one to be an intelligence officer at ASIO?

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2 Comments on “Australia Under Attack – Worthless Credentials Needed”

  1. chidori ashi Says:

    be fucked

  2. Ronia Says:

    I want to see real picture of this post

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