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Capitalism Still Alive In WA

April 1, 2004

Despite Dr. Gallop’s attempts to kill it off, you just can’t stop capitalism.

About 500m from my house there is a supermarket and deli run by an asian family which is well known to many in Scarborough for the notable fact that they have a policy of selling cigarettes as a loss-leader. A packet of smokes that costs $10.50 at a rival deli, or $9.20 at Woolies, sells for $8.80 on Sacky Terrace. Cheapest smokes in town!

A friend of mine who works for BAT informs me that this is indeed lower than the wholesale price. Everything else there is pretty cheap too, and the 8 car carpark is full most times of the day, they’re doing a roaring trade.

The best thing about this place isn’t the cheap smokes, though. It’s the little red-haired kid who hangs out in the carpark all day washing windows. He looks about 10-11 years old, and should really be riding around on his BMX tipping over wheelie bins, but instead he’s camped in the deli carpark with a squeegee and bucket.

He gets a couple of gold coins per car, and makes about $20-30 an hour at that rate. TAX-FREE. Not bad for 10 years old. He doesn’t even have to endanger himself by standing at a set of traffic lights.

It’s only a matter of time before the ATO, Worksafe, Healthway et al get stuck into them, so enjoy it while you can.