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Spud Socialism

April 8, 2004

Today’s Australian contains a lengthy article panning WA’s outdated system of potato regulation:

Western Australia has the last horticultural marketing monopoly in the country, the Potato Marketing Corporation, which trades under the name Western Potatoes. Only farmers authorised by the corporation are legally entitled to grow potatoes. It then purchases at a set price all the potatoes grown for the fresh market.

Tana is blunt: “It is just outdated. It does not reward for effort, whether that be at grower level or wholesaler level. It does not foster a good relationship in terms of what needs to be done in a marketplace.”

And it results in the dominance of the nadine, occasionally referred to as the dumb blonde of potatoes.

Wouldn’t Tracey or Sharon be a more suitable name?

No Shit?

April 8, 2004

THE church risked becoming irrelevant and boring to many people and needed to modernise the Christian message, the leader of Australia’s Anglicans said in his Easter message today.

Jews In Cyberspace

April 8, 2004

Crooked Timber is running a googlebombing campaign:

It seems that the top-ranked site on Google if you search for ?Jew? is an anti-semitic site. So this is CT doing our googlebombing best to correct this by linking to the Wikipedia entry for Jew instead.

I went to the site to take a look, and found this interesting list of famous jews. Needless to say, I can think of many better Jews to link to now!

2a.gifSo here we have a small selection of my favourite Jews:

Gene Simmons – Hard rocking Jew.
Natalie Portman – Darth Vader loving Jew.
Leonard Nimoy – Jew in space.
Kyle Broslofski – Foul mouthed, animated Jew.
Sarah Michelle Gellar – Jew can put it…….anywhere!

and last, but certainly not least….

Ron Jeremy – Fat, Hairy, Giant Schlonged Jew.

Just doing my part to foil the Nazis.