Jews In Cyberspace

Crooked Timber is running a googlebombing campaign:

It seems that the top-ranked site on Google if you search for ?Jew? is an anti-semitic site. So this is CT doing our googlebombing best to correct this by linking to the Wikipedia entry for Jew instead.

I went to the site to take a look, and found this interesting list of famous jews. Needless to say, I can think of many better Jews to link to now!

2a.gifSo here we have a small selection of my favourite Jews:

Gene Simmons – Hard rocking Jew.
Natalie Portman – Darth Vader loving Jew.
Leonard Nimoy – Jew in space.
Kyle Broslofski – Foul mouthed, animated Jew.
Sarah Michelle Gellar – Jew can put it…….anywhere!

and last, but certainly not least….

Ron Jeremy – Fat, Hairy, Giant Schlonged Jew.

Just doing my part to foil the Nazis.

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