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Regulation For It’s Own Sake

April 12, 2004

Mucho praise for the first person to come with a possible explanation of this example of government over-regulation:

He claims it has been 18 months since he last held a job and more than a year since he had a place to call home, and food is hard to come by.

He said his friends call him Danny, and he leaves it at that. Danny is part of the third party in a two-way struggle in Massey Park in downtown Tampa, Fla. Each Sunday, a group of students go to the park offering free food for Danny and other homeless people. But the police say these students are breaking the law.

The students, members of the nonviolent activist group Food Not Bombs, are in violation of a city ordinance banning the distribution of free food in public places without a permit, according to Captain Bob Guidara, spokesman for the Tampa Police Department.

“Health Concerns”. Because unhealthy food is worse than no food?