“Leb Style” OK With Allah

Since Tim Blair’s regular ask an Imam feature seems to be on hiatus, let me fill the void with this handy titbit of Islamic law:

Question: My question is, what does the holy book Quran and prophet Mohammad (pbuh) say about anal sex even if the wife agrees to experience this with her husband?
Thank you

Answer: As deduced from narration anal sex is permissible; but it is strongly undesirable. Permission is bound to wife?s agreement and consent to anal sex. If she is not consenting, it would be impermissible.

Sharia: 1, Singapore: 0

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2 Comments on ““Leb Style” OK With Allah”

  1. carlo Says:

    Well not if you are serious, the answer is that:
    It’s not a matter of conviction when you accept the faith the you ethically_1_ agree to it’s commandments and teaching as doctoring_2_ in the Islamic religion I must not argue certain issues which are based on a clear text or revelation from Allah then his Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) or agreed by the majority of Ulamma and Ijtihad.
    This to the issue of the wife agrees to anal penetration I wish to clear out that she has no reference in this certain issue to agree and the husband has no right to do it. Because it’s clearly noted by the hadith of P. Muhammad (pbuh) that do an anal penetration either willingly or force by either husband or wife contentment or disagreement.., Causes the anger of Allah and requires repent.
    I hope I managed to clear out this point and thank you excuse me for the bad english.

  2. yobbo Says:

    Carlo, I appreciate a reply from a student of Islam, but the Imam disagrees with you. What is your response?

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