Weekend Wrapup

Saturday was the beginning of the footy season for me and the rest of the Applecross Hawks – and we didn’t have to wait long for the heartbreak this year, going down by a solitary point in the opener. Great way to start.

My contribution to the game was limited to being involved in a 6 person brawl midway through the last quarter. Next week I’ll try to get a kick as well. I did manage to come away with a nice deep scratch on my neck, and some others on my arms and back. They were sustained accidentally though, the guy was trying to choke me, not scratch me.

Disappointment at the loss turned to triumph later in the night during the Windup/Medal presentation night for the Scarborough Cricket Club, held at the legendary Nookemburra Hotel. I managed to take out the coveted Duck Award in a tie with Dave Smith. 5 ducks for the season, 4 of which were goldens, including the first ever “King Pair” in the history of our esteemed club.

In a season in which records tumbled like nine pins, I also managed to break another one. The most runs conceded from an over now stands at 27! Another sterling achievement for yours truly.

The windup is always a dangerous night for Yobbos, as the beer is provided as nature intended it – free, and our club is notably short of sensible teetotalling types, meaning that there’s very little encouragement to drink in moderation. Special thanks go to Boof for supplying me with the pint of Jack Daniels and coke at closing time that got me moving along the line from “Happily Plastered” to “Absolutely Shitfaced”.

My night was capped off in the most memorable fashion imaginable – or at least would have been, if I could remember how it happened – when I somehow managed to roll my ankle in a dancing related incident at around 4am, before passing out behind a skip somewhere in Northbridge. As they say… “Scene Missing”

To cap it off, I managed to sleep through the Fremantle-Collingwood game on TV today, missing might what have been our best ever performance in Melbourne. Luke McPharlin – All Australian centre half back? What’s he paying?

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