Osama Is An Arsenal Fan

British police have foiled a terrorist plot to detonate suicide bombs at this weekend’s English Premier League soccer match between Manchester United and Liverpool, according to British press reports today.

Tuesday’s Sun newspaper claimed that 10 people arrested in anti-terror raids had been involved in a plan to target United’s 67,000-capacity Old Trafford stadium on Saturday.

I’m not particularly knowledgable about England’s demographics, but I was under the impression that Manchester has a fairly high concentration of Muslims. Wouldn’t it be better to blow up somewhere where there are LESS muslims and MORE infidels? Or is it just a case of “kill as many people as you can and let Allah sort ’em out”?

I wouldn’t want to be head of security at the SCG or MCG today.

Afterthought: First Madrid, now Manchester. What’s the link? Beckham. I recommend we ship him off to Gitmo just in case.

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