Still No Apology From Howard

It was only a matter of time before some smart-arse came up with a play on John Howard (Prime Minister) and John Howard (Actor).

SHE might have lost out on the Gold Logie on Sunday – but Seven has learned the hard way that viewers still love Georgie Parker.

The scene in which actor John Howard swears at Georgie Parker’s character
The network yesterday received hundreds of complaints about Tuesday night’s episode of the hospital soap All Saints in which a character swore at the character of nurse Terri Sullivan, played by Parker.

Radio talkback programs were flooded with listeners upset at the language.

“The issue seems to be that you don’t say ‘f…ing’ to their golden girl,” a network spokesperson said yesterday.

The offending comment was made by former SeaChange star John Howard, who joined the All Saints cast in Tuesday’s episode as Frank Campion, the head of the hospital’s emergency department.

During an heated argument about staff members with nurse Terri at the end of the episode, Campion said: “It’s not your f…in’ staff.”

Last night Parker said that she believed the reaction was a positive thing.

“It’s a good response because it’s not about the shock words – we’ve sworn on the show before – but because people clearly feel really protective about Terri,” she said.

“It’s like they really feel for her as a character and don’t like her being under attack by a very confronting man.

“It’s great to know they care for her so much.”

Asked if she thought John Howard’s character would say sorry, Parker said no.

Nyuk Nyuk. Next week on All Saints – Georgie Parker has a wardrobe malfunction. Blue rinse riots expected.

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