Buyer’s Remorse

The girls can’t get their story straight, probably because they’re making most of it up, except for the part where one of them got fucked by a whole bunch of rugby players:

What is known and agreed is this: on the night of Wednesday February 18, four days before any complaints were raised, a handful of Bulldogs players indulged in group sex with the woman at the centre of the allegations.

On Saturday February 21, with the players freed from club obligations after a trial match had been played and won, that same woman would meet up with Bulldogs at the local Plantation Hotel.

Apparently this girl was quite happy in her role as the fuck-toy of a bunch of semi-celebrities? So, why change her mind and allege rape?

And players – when they finally expanded on “scant” statements – told police that the woman tried to enter the room of two players shortly before 8am, but they turned her away with a training session about to start.

Despite being acquitted, the Bulldogs are still facing fines of up to $500,000 for “bringing the game into disrepute”.

In reality, the only thing that has been brought into disrepute here is the media that is so willing to convict sportsmen of any accusation levelled against them – and a legal system that permits rape allegations to be bandied about as sour grapes…. with no recourse for the accused, and no punishment for trivial accusations.

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