You WILL Be A Role Model

You have no idea how much it pisses me off over the efforts of professional sporting organisations to ensure that every single person associated with their sport is a “role model”.

In the Bulldogs NRL Case:

There won’t be a decision for two weeks but it is understood six players will be fined for participating in consensual sex with a woman on the Wednesday night before the alleged misbehaviour, which occurred the following Sunday morning.

I’d be interested to know exactly which sex acts are considered ok by the NRL. Is a threesome ok if your wife is keen?

What about anal sex? Do homos bring the game into disrepute?

If your girlfriend likes it rough should you check with the league before tying her up or slapping her arse?

These sort of things need to be spelled out in advance if players are to behave like proper role models.

In the 80’s, when I was in primary school, Imran Khan was renowned for his efforts as a shagger. Doug Walters and David Boon drunk their way into superstardom. Everyone loved them. Today, they’d be reviled. Today’s ACB would suspend Boon for the crime of demonstrating that he’s a normal Australian bloke.

Did a generation of cricket fans grow up to become promiscuous boozehounds? Perhaps it’s Imran and Boonie who are to blame for Shane Warne. Then again, Glenn McGrath and Warnie are the same age. McGrath’s commitment to his family is widely celebrated.

Not everyone has the same idea on what constitutes a role model. Remember The Pantsman? Thousands of young Australians looked up to him, even if they secretly suspected a lot of his stories were bullshit. Some people would argue that makes him a role model.

We respect sportsmen for what they do on the ground. What they do off the ground is their own business.

If you are upset by the fact that some sportspeople are committing adultery, engaging in group sex, or drinking more than the recommend daily dose of alcohol, by all means feel free to move a country where people share your concerns. Like Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

Australia is a free fucking country.

Oh, and if your kids grow up to be dickheads, it’s probably your fault, not Wayne Carey’s.

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