Purple Patch

A fascinating article in Wired on the newest developments in Aquaculture:

“The ocean is full of predictable currents, or gyres,” Goudey says. “If you could get the cage into one of these gyres, it would essentially stay in the same place, or at least have a predictable trajectory. Even if you had just a slight ability to adjust its movement, you’d be able to control its path pretty exactly.” In his view, “you could build a fleet of these things in the Straits of Florida, fill them with fingerlings of, say, cobia, and let them follow the Gulf Stream for nine months until they reached their intended market in Europe with a harvestable crop. Then you’d load them up again and send them back along the southern route with another crop.”

Fittingly titled “The Bluewater Revolution”, Ehrlich fans will find little of value here.

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