Another Brick In The Head

A frightening tale of the state of the US education system, from respected commentator Jesse Davis.

I had several teachers like this myself. My year 10 maths teacher started crying when I pointed out to her that she had marked all our tests incorrectly (due to her not understanding how to find the volume of a sphere). Then she made me stand outside for the rest of the class.

Subsequently, I also pointed out to her that she was ugly, stupid, and a bitch.

Another of my favourite schoolday hijinks was the time that myself and another guy stole some sodium from the chemistry lab and dropped it in a glass of water, blowing up the Chemistry teachers desk (complete with documents and beakers). The sodium was stuck to the roof for the rest of the year.

For our misbehaviour, the teacher informed us that we were no longer welcome in chemistry class until we decided to a:) grow up and b:) apologise. So we spent the next 6 weeks in the library reading asterix comics and looking at reproductive organs in the anatomy books. We both still got ‘A’s though. It’s pretty hard not to when they make the class easy enough for everyone to pass.

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