Schoolgirls Want Discipline

Of the many complaints I had during my schooling, this wasn’t one of them:

STUDENTS at a Northern Territory high school claim a riot could erupt if disciplinary action is not enforced.

Nightcliff High School pupils have said they are not being adequately disciplined and that the students have the upper hand over teachers.

Inappropriate behaviour at the school included schoolyard fights and bullying, object-throwing in class, student walkouts and drunkenness.

Student Sarah Wilson, 14, said she wanted Nightcliff High School to adopt a program whereby teachers were taught disciplinary action.

“Our teachers need to learn about discipline and how to apply it,” she said.

Isn’t that what you do in your Dip Ed, or is it exclusively learning about social justice and tolerance nowadays?

p.s. best google topic ever bada bing bada boom.

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