Tolerance Time

Muslim terrorists – who, we are constantly reminded, are but a tiny minority who are casting a bad light on an otherwise peaceful and noble religion – have carried out over 400 acts of terror around the world since September 11, killing over 7000 people and injuring over 10,000. Here’s a chart. (which is in Dutch, but it’s not too difficult to understand in any case).

That’s only up until the 15th of April. What have muslims (the bad kind, of course, not the vast majority of good ones who enjoy the simple pleasures of life – like honour killings, jew-hating and female circumcision) been up to in the last fortnight?

Well, lots of things. I don’t want to be here all day, so I’ll just relate the last 24 hours:

THE Australian engineer killed in Saudi Arabia was shot dead by Islamic terrorists who worked undercover alongside him, it emerged yesterday.

Anthony Richard Mason, 57, and four other Westerners were gunned down by men who worked as security guards at the giant Exxon Mobil refinery complex in the Red Sea port city of Yanbu. A Saudi was also killed.

And that’s not all:

Palestinian gunmen shot dead a pregnant Israeli and her four daughters yesterday as they drove from their Gaza home to campaign against Ariel Sharon’s plan to evacuate about 8,000 Jews from 21 Gaza settlements and four on the West Bank.

The two gunmen fired at the family’s white Citro?n estate car on the road from the Gush Katif settlement block. Israeli police said the vehicle spun off the road. The assailants then approached the car and shot Tali Hatuel, 34, and her children, aged between two and 11, at close range. They were the first civilian Israeli victims in Gaza in more than a year. Mrs Hatuel, a social worker, was eight months pregnant.

You can’t blame them, though. During the week it was revealed that some evil Americans made fun of muslims and took photos of their willies. That’s just horrific.

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