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Say G’day to lefty commentator and blogger Mat Hau, a Sydney boy who’s not real keen on WA people:

Seriously, I wanna ask you something – every cunt I know from Perth has this freaking monomaniacal hatred of “Boongs”. I’ve never been to Perth and I’ve only come into contact with about three dozen WA’ers in my time and every single one of them breathes a sigh of relief when I inform them that I’m not Koori. Then they let rip with bucketloads of “Abbo stories”.

Some would say that judging all WA people on the basis of the few you’d met was “Racism”. Those people are idiots though, kind of like the people who say attacking Islam is “Racism”, even though “Islam” is no more a race than “WA” is.

What would be more accurate is to say that Mat holds a very bigoted attitude in regards to Sandgropers. I’ll let it slip, though, because he has a soft spot for me:

One of the most comprehensive and frequently humorous sites is the Yobbo.

This dude seems reasonably harmless. He’s posted his photo on his blog, which is basically an advertisement to help him get laid. If he didn’t resemble a young Glenn McGrath maybe he’d be in with a chance.

I don’t see the resemblance myself. What do the readers think? In any case, the similarities end there. I’m heaps quicker than that hack. I can also bat (this year excepted).

Thanks, “bloke”

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