Oh No!

UCLA paper the “Daily Bruin” reveals a shocking trend: The outlawing of affirmative action has led to a decrease in student activism!

The end of affirmative action saw many more Asian American students admitted to UCLA, while the number of students from underrepresented minority groups ? blacks, American Indians, Chicanos and Latinos ? has steadily declined.

“Without generalizing, I would say that Asian Americans have not had a traditional role of activism in the United States,” Nelson said. “They believe the way to success is through education, so they might study hard at the expense of things others may deem relevant.”

They believe the way to success is through education.

The luvvies, on the other hand, deem things like the prosecution of white guilt, social justice, and getting “anyone but Bush” elected as far more relevant.

The fact that Asian-Americans continue to succeed despite being non-white is a continual source of despair for the victim industry.

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