Third Umpire Imminent

Last night’s debacle in the Brisbane-St. Kilda game seems to me to be the straw that will finally break the AFL’s back and require a change in the goal umpiring. I’m personally in favour of camera replays rather than 2 goal umpires.

I don’t think the problem is going to be solved by having 2 umpires, it’s the angle of vision they have that is the problem.

In any case, it’s great to see the AFL completely denying that there is any problem whatsoever. Not only did their match write up not mention the incident at all, but take a look at this rubbish:

Brisbane coach Leigh Matthews has poured more fuel on the goal-umpiring debate by suggesting his side may have been cost a draw by an umpiring error late in Saturday?s thriller against St Kilda at Telstra Dome.

Matthews believed Austinn Jones? sprayed kick in the final minutes of Saturday?s match against St Kilda was not a point, but said such errors were a regular occurrence.

They seem to be implying that it’s a case of sour grapes by Matthews, and that his opinion is not a widely shared one. What a bunch of liars the AFL are. Everyone in Australia knows that Jones’ point was really out on the full, it’s not even close to debatable.

I was at a busy pub last night when it happened. Not one person present thought it was a point, and they were all unbiased observers who were there to watch the derby. (Which Fremantle won, btw. Just thought I’d throw that in.)

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