WA Smoke Free By 2006

Can’t wait:

A ban on smoking in enclosed public places is likely to be fast-tracked after the State Government brokered a deal with the Greens yesterday to save new anti-smoking laws in the Upper House.

The laws propose to force nightclubs from next month to stop smokers from having a puff in 80 per cent of their floor space. They propose a smoking ban by the end of 2006.

Pubs, which were to be allowed to keep one room for smokers, could be forced to comply with the same rule.

Not a good time to be a pub owner, a smoker, or indeed anyone who enjoys going out on weekends. Great time to be a barmaid though….At least until your workplace is shut down due to lack of business. Never mind, I’m sure there’s plenty of work available in the industries that Gallop hasn’t tried to destroy in his 4 year reign of idiocy. Right?

Update: I just had a great idea on how to further the cause of public health. One of the last great carcinogens, the sun, is still wreaking havoc on poor, unsuspecting WA residents and tourists. All you’d need to do is forbid people to visit the beach with any part of their skin uncovered.

It’s a great idea: Not only will less people die of skin cancer, but you’ll cripple the tourism industry at the same time! The greens will love that.

I’ve got lots more good ideas like this one, Dr. Gallop. Stick me on your cabinet, seriously.

Update: P.S. Ban cars too. They are dangerous.

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